It’s not news that California is deeply entrenched in a housing crisis, for which the only solution is building more homes. Beyond even where that housing should be built, for whom they should be built is a common topic of argument. There’s no question that significant numbers of homes must be produced for very low- and low-income residents. But the high construction costs in the San Francisco Bay Area are also pricing out moderate income people in the workforce.  Without the guarantee of subsidies or financing like affordable housing tax credits or income from sky-high rents, how can middle-income home construction actually pencil out? Join us to learn what it takes to build for middle-income households, and how mixed-income developments can provide housing opportunities for residents across the wealth spectrum.

Co-presented by APA Northern California (1 AICP CM credit available).

+ Fei Tsen / Windflower Properties
+ Riaz Taplin / Riaz Capital
+ Julie Mahowald / Housing Trust Silicon Valley

August 19th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event