Come participate in a multi-part series that will examine the lasting impacts of property ownership on families, neighborhoods and cities and probe its relationship to intergenerational wealth, exclusionary housing and recently-passed legislation that strives to address inequities of the past and present. In this first program, Joaquin Torres, San Francisco’s Assessor-Recorder, will lead a discussion about the myriad tools once used to enable exclusionary practices, from redlining to racist covenants, and how less overt, but equally malicious, transcriptions continue to persist today, such as under-appraisals for property owners of color. Hear from housing justice advocates, researchers, lawmakers and journalists that are taking action to actuate equity in housing and build stronger communities across the country.

  • Joaquin Torres / San Francisco Office of the Assessor-Recorder
  • Lexi P. Howard / Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP
  • Stephen Menendian / Othering & Belonging Institute
August 11th
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event