On June 7, residents across the Bay Area will head to the voting booth. Instead of blindly facing a slew of complex measures in the ballot box, take advantage of the rigorous process that SPUR uses to develop the Voter Guide and join our policy staff in a beloved annual tradition as they explain the ballot and the organization’s stance on each measure. We’ll split up into groups to provide insight and answers about the ballots for San Francisco, San José and Oakland, and though we normally enjoy these discussions with a beer in hand, we’re hosting this session virtually this year, making this Ballots and Brews a BYOB affair.

  • Fred Buzo / SPUR
  • Grecia Marquez-Nieblas / SPUR
  • Jacob Denney / SPUR
  • Jonathon Kass / SPUR
  • Madison Tam / SPUR
  • Anne Christie / SPUR
  • Erika Pinto / SPUR
  • Paloma Sisneros-Lobato / SPUR
  • Sarah Karlinsky / SPUR
  • Sujata Srivastava / SPUR
May 5th
5:00PM - 7:00PM
Online Event