The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the world’s most innovative and progressive regions, but we face enormous challenges, from the cost of housing to the threat of sea level rise. For the last several years, SPUR has undertaken an initiative to envision a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous Bay Area for all — and propose the bold strategies necessary to get there. The result, SPUR’s Regional Strategy, will launch on May 13 and provide a clear vision for the next fifty years of our region. Come learn about this enormous effort and, more importantly, ask any questions that you might have about how we can build the future that we want.

+ Nick Josefowitz / SPUR
+ Sarah Karlinsky / SPUR
+ Kristy Wang / SPUR
+ Laura Feinstein / SPUR
+ Laura Tolkoff / SPUR
+ Jonathon Kass / SPUR
+ Jacob Denney / SPUR
+ Susannah Parsons / SPUR
+ Michelle Huttenhoff / SPUR
+ Benjamin Grant / Benjamin Grant Urban Design

May 13th
12:00PM - 1:30PM
Online Event