Cities are gendered. While gender identity can be fluid, on average women experience the city differently than men. Women are more likely to experience urban poverty, head single parent households, care for relatives, absorb the bulk of household chores and childcare, walk and take transit, have more complex travel behavior, report urban safety concerns and experience sexual harassment and assault in the public realm. Yet these gendered realities are rarely considered in the way we design our cities. Women’s achievements are also less visible in our public spaces, including in the way we name our streets and design our monuments. Likewise, women are vastly under-represented in urban decision making and around leadership tables in local government and urban design professions. Come examine who gets to be protagonists in the city-building process and how gender awareness is fundamental to the equity and success of 21st century cities.

+ Elba Higueros / LA Metro
+ Jennifer Fix / DIALOG
+ Mona Lovgreen / DIALOG
+ Eva Kail / City of Vienna

September 21st
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event