High-speed rail helps share economic development across cities and regions, improving access to jobs and spurring investment in local economies. However, given the outcomes of past urban planning decisions, many may be wary. But if planned with equity at the forefront, high-speed rail stations and the areas around them could improve affordability and cost of living, create great anchors of public life and integrate with local public transit systems to create cleaner, simpler ways to travel. What concrete steps must be taken for California’s investment in high-speed rail to promote equity and what best practices can cities and the California High-Speed Rail Authority turn to as they begin their own planning to accommodate this transformational piece of infrastructure? Join our panel for a conversation about the intersection of high-speed rail and equitable planning, as viewed through three lenses: access and mobility; culture, heritage and identity; and affordable housing and displacement.

Co-presented by Move LA.

+ Jason Foster / Destination Crenshaw
+ Jessica Meaney / Investing in Place
+ Kristine Williams / Enterprise Community Partners
Laura Tolkoff / SPUR

December 1st
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event