The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has placed extraordinary pressure on tenants across the state, many of whom struggled to pay rent even before the health crisis reached our shores. Though many cities enacted temporary eviction moratoriums for tenants unable to pay rent due to financial impacts related to the pandemic, furloughs, job losses and an unstable economy continue to make the ability to maintain stable housing incredibly tenuous for many Californians. What should the federal government be doing now to keep tenants housed during this crisis period, and what can the state do if the federal government proves unable to act?

Co-presented with the Terner Center for Housing Innovation.

+ Carol Galante / Terner Center for Housing Innovation
+ David Garcia / Terner Center for Housing Innovation
+ Barry Zigas / Zigas and Associates
+ Tomiquia Moss / All Home

September 29th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event