For decades, official planning documents envisioned that Coyote Valley — the area between San José and Morgan Hill — would be the next area of growth and development in southern Santa Clara County. Only in the last year, however, has that begun to change. The City of San José, the County of Santa Clara and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority have all taken steps to move toward a new vision for Coyote Valley. This vision prioritizes preserving land for agricultural and open space uses to maintain this unique location as the southern edge of the Bay Area’s greenbelt. Join us for a timely discussion of what has recently changed and what challenges to these new visions still remain.

Andrea Mackenzie / Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
Michael Brilliot / City of San José
Rob Eastwood / County of Santa Clara
Michael Meehan / County of Santa Clara

April 27th
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event