Recent bestselling books like The Color of Law and Evicted have brought to light the history and ramifications of decades of racist housing policy. Despite greater awareness, however, these injustices continue through widespread exclusionary zoning policies that favor single-family zoning. A groundbreaking report recently released by the Othering & Belong Institute at UC Berkeley documents the relationship between single-family housing and racial exclusion in the Bay Area, finding that home values in heavily single-family-zoned cities “are $100,000 higher, incomes are $34,000 higher, and these areas are nearly 20 percent whiter than the rest of the Bay Area’s cities.” Join us for a discussion about this important publication, how housing policy has created areas characterized by exclusion and what can be done about it.

+ Irene Cheng / California College of the Arts
+ Lillian Lew-Hailer / MidPen Housing
+ Stephen Menendian / Othering & Belonging Institute

February 2nd
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Online Event