Free or inexpensive street parking near home is a benefit that many take for granted, as residential parking permits range from $35 or less in San José to $144 annually in San Francisco. However, even residential permit holders often find themselves circling for parking at the end of the day, while individuals without cars receive little to no benefit from this valuable curb space. Is the public right-of-way the right place for parking private vehicles? What are the true costs and benefits of residential street parking, considering externalities such as racial justice and carbon impacts? If we as a society decide to change how we allocate and regulate curb space, what steps would be required and how could we ensure that our new approaches are equitable? Hear an expert panel discuss these questions and much more. Co-presented by Urban Environmentalists and Streets for People.

+ Anna Muessig / Gehl
+ Chris Elmendorf / UC Davis
+ Donald Shoup / UCLA
+ Raynell Cooper / SFMTA

November 16th
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event