Parking — whether it’s on the street or in surface lots and structures — degrades the quality of urban spaces, takes up space that could be utilized for other uses, encourages driving and, with it, an increase in air pollution and makes housing, goods and services more expensive. And with many cities offering more parking spaces than homes, we have far too much of it. Some California cities have revisited, or are in the process of revisiting, their parking standards to better regulate the minimum and maximum space required for automobiles, but these efforts are still few and far between. What role should the state play in getting our overparking crisis under control?

+ Clarissa Cabansagan / TransForm
+ Avital Barnea / California State Transportation Agency
+ Carter Rubin / Natural Resources Defense Council
+ Nick Josefowitz / SPUR

January 28th
5:00PM - 6:00PM
Online Event