In San Mateo County,102,099 renters (13.5% of the county’s total renter population) are Extremely Low Income (with incomes up to 30% of Area Median Income). Of the county’s ELI renter households, 84% are experiencing some degree of rent burden. Not only does the County lack sufficient rental units priced for ELI households, many of these households, particularly people with disabilities and many seniors on fixed incomes, are unable to meet the minimum income requirements to qualify for these units. This significantly increases the risk of homelessness or displacement from the community for these vulnerable populations. Join Housing Choices as we convene a panel of affordable housing finance leaders to discuss strategies for increasing the production of Extremely Low Income housing and to consider what it will take to house those most in need in the new Acutely Low Income category established by AB 1043 (up to 15% of Area Median Income).

May 19th
5:00PM - 6:00PM