A virtual symposium with the top 10 finalists for the 2020 Ivory Prize.

Access to safe, affordable housing and homeownership is increasingly out of reach for many U.S. families. The economic fallout from the pandemic has exposed and dramatically exacerbated the deep inequalities in wealth creation and housing security.

Each year, the Ivory Prize recognizes the achievements of a set of top practitioners from across the country who are using innovation to advance housing affordability. This 90 minute symposium features the top 10 finalists from the 2020 Ivory Prize. They represent non-profit, private, and government organizations from across the United States with new approaches to build, regulate, or finance housing. Their solutions were awarded because they are feasible and scalable and have the potential to make a significant dent in addressing our national housing shortage or increasing access for families that have been excluded from the market.

The panels are designed to inspire entrepreneurs, housing professionals, and students to think creatively and to spark new connections, ideas, and solutions to the country’s housing affordability crisis.

January 14th
9:30AM - 11:00AM
Online Event