There are 3 ways to pay for affordable housing projects. The older ways, the newer ways, & the still emerging ones. Find out the difference.

About this Event

We need more affordable housing projects both small & large, but how do we pay for them? Join experts who currently get funding for affordable housing projects, as well as advocates devising new ways, for a lively roundtable discussion with audience Q&A and small group discussions online. Whether you’re in the housing industry or a community advocate for affordable housing, we hope you’ll learn something you can use to help bring more affordable housing to Silicon Valley. Our confirmed panel of speakers includes:

  • Iman Novin of Novin Development
  • Liz Gonzalez of the South Bay Community Land Trust,
  • A representative from the South Bay Progressive Alliance’s Public Banking Action Team
  • Kevin Zwick of the Housing Trust of Silicon Valley
May 21st
6:00PM - 7:30PM
Online Event