Dr. Minjee Kim, Assistant Professor at Florida State University, will present findings from her latest research project on how to enhance the diversity and inclusion in planned communities. Dr. Kim will discuss seven key principles that can set a planned community on a trajectory to become more diverse and inclusive, supported by concrete evidence found in the nation’s most successful master planned communities. The findings from this research will be published as a report by the ULI Terwilliger Center and will be available on Knowledge Finder after the webinar.


Report summary:

By nature of their scale, master-planned communities (MPCs) play a significant role in meeting housing demand and shaping the patterns of American urban and suburban development. Many past MPCs, however, fostered race and class-based discrimination. With the rising awareness of racial injustice, ULI has acknowledged the past wrongdoings of its members and has committed to redressing the injustices inflicted. In this context, this report began by asking can MPCs break free of the past and become truly diverse and inclusive? And what role can developers play?

This report aims to inspire the real estate industry by showcasing the best practices in MPC development for creating diverse and inclusive communities. An in-depth study of the nation’s most successful MPCs reveals that many developers of industry-leading communities are embracing diversity as a core value. Seven key principles that can set a community on a trajectory to become more diverse and inclusive are identified and elaborated with concrete evidence from the studied communities.

December 16th
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Online Event