Join award-winning journalist, author, and producer Mary O’Hara to discuss a shift in the way we view poverty in the Bay Area.

Join Emerging Leaders* in the upcoming event, Redefining the Toxic Poverty Narrative. Learn about shifting the poverty narrative away from a person’s individual decisions toward broader systemic issues like race, policy, and economic inequality. As a part of Emerging Leaders’ signature Leadership Series, we will reflect on how we see, speak about, and treat people in poverty.

Attendees will engage in a presentation from keynote speaker, Mary O’Hara, author of The Shame Game: Overturning the Toxic Poverty Narrative. Then hear from a SparkPoint Ambassador and their perspective of why it’s important to redefine the narrative. Finally, learn from UWBA’s Director of Public Policy, TaShon Thomas, who will share actionable steps to create change in your community.

Mary O’Hara is an award-winning journalist, producer, and author. She founded the multi-platform anti-poverty initiative, Project Twist-It. She has also produced short films, run a comedy club, been an Alistair Cooke Fulbright Scholar at UC Berkeley, and was a producer, booker, and consultant on the podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. In 2020, she was named Best Foreign Columnist at the Southern California Journalism Awards.

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*Emerging Leaders is a growing network of philanthropic young professionals (aged 40 and under) committed to fighting Bay Area poverty, with a focus on educating and empowering youth.

March 3rd
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Online Event