This was a good year for our pro-housing candidates! Check out our winning candidates, who will now get to work passing new housing laws and approving new housing projects.  Beyond electing the right people, our most powerful tool to see more housing built throughout California is by influencing cities’ Housing Elements, the administrative process you’ve never heard of that could mean over 2 million new homes statewide!

The Housing Element process is an awesome opportunity for YIMBYs to make their pro-housing voices heard! Curious how to get more involved? Check our our primer here and tune in to our informative workshop “How to be a Housing Element Hero!” co-hosted with Abundant Housing LA.  No experience needed! We will go over the basics as well as do a deeper dive into which policies and best practices YIMBYs can advocate for to maximize housing opportunities within cities!

December 3rd
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Online Event