October 5, 2023

Housing Element Update 10/5


Robust community engagement makes Housing Elements stronger 

San Jose has been engaged in more than a dozen meetings with stakeholders in recent weeks to collaborate on strengthening programs and addressing the areas of concern identified in HCD’s last review letter. In particular, city staff are working to improve the inventory of sites where new development is feasible, strengthen anti-displacement programs, and enhance programs that increase the likelihood of robust housing production. San Jose plans to have a revised Draft Housing Element ready to publish for public review and submit to HCD by the end of October. 

Housing Elements are moving forward! While only 6 of the County’s 16 jurisdictions have earned Housing Element certification from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for this planning cycle, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill, and Santa Clara County are preparing to submit revised Housing Elements to HCD for review. The city of Cupertino has not yet published a revised Draft Housing Element but hopes to release the revised document for public review and submit it to HCD for review by the end of October. Learn what’s happening with your city’s Housing Element, and how to contact both your city staff and HCD Housing Element reviewer, at SV@Home’s Housing Element Toolkit.

Once Housing Elements have been certified, the work of implementing the policies and programs that will yield more homes at all income levels, protect vulnerable tenants from displacement, and preserve existing affordable homes begins! That is why it is so critical to pass the regional housing bond, coming up on the November 2024 ballot. Housing Elements help prepare a strong foundation for affordable housing production and preservation, but the funding delivered by the regional housing bond can help make plans for more safe, stable, affordable homes a reality.