July 5, 2018

Los Altos Leaders Amend ADU Ordinance


The Los Altos City Council took action to amend the City’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance during its June 26th council meeting. SV@Home advocated for changes to the ordinance to increase the maximum allowed square footage to 1,200 square feet, relax the design standards to allow for pre-fabricated secondary units, and remove the setback provision for ADUs built on top of an existing structure.

City staff recommended limiting the allowable size of an ADU to 800 square feet, five-foot setbacks, and architectural design standards that required that the ADU use similar building materials and design as for the primary unit.  After extensive deliberation, the Council voted to increase the allowable square footage of an ADU to 1,2oo square feet, as recommended by SV@Home, but accepted staff recommendations for the setbacks and design standards.

SV@Home continues to work with Santa Clara County jurisdictions to amend their ordinances to make ADUs a feasible housing option for more homeowners.