April 6, 2020

Meet Alison! Our new Policy and Research Associate


SV@Home is happy to welcome Alison Cingolani, Policy & Research Associate, to the team. We are especially grateful to have her join us during this very critical time in our community. She will help support our research and communications efforts as COVID-19 impacts & policies are assessed, analyzed and communicated to the greater public. Join us in welcoming Alison and learn more about her below:

Alison is a strong believer in the power of evidence-based policy and the importance of quality research. She believes that now more than ever, policymakers need access to nuanced, accurate, accessible data to make effective housing policy that engages and respects our communities. Alison is proud to be a part of this work at SV@Home as Policy and Research Associate.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Central Florida and has an eclectic background in high revenue business leadership, communications, research and analysis, and community activism. As a current student in San Jose State University’s Master of Public Administration program, she has focused her study on housing legislation and policy.

A long-time Bay Area resident living in a vibrant East San Jose community, Alison loves being involved in hands-on organizing and service. Her favorites are enjoying a great local adventure with her family, taking a class, hiking with friends, or curling up with a great book.