January 25, 2019

Milpitas: 355 Sango Court Financing and ADU Ordinance Under Discussion

The Milpitas City Council had a packed agenda on January 15th with both a Measure A development and the City’s ADU ordinance under consideration.

First, the Council, acting jointly as the Milpitas Housing Authority, unanimously directed staff to research a funding request from Resources for Community Development (RCD), the developer of 355 Sango Court, a 100% affordable development located in the southern part of the city. Of the 102 new homes, 22 will be set aside for people with extremely low incomes and a minimum of 15 units will be made available to veterans, many of whom are homeless or were formerly homeless.

Although RCD has already been awarded Measure A funding and the Council had formally approved the development in June 2018, the City still needs to allocate $6.5m to ensure its completion. We expect the City to make its final decision on the funding request in the coming weeks. The County of Santa Clara has committed a significant amount of funding to provide services to the new residents.

Second, the Council received an update from staff about its community outreach activities related to the City’s proposed new ADU ordinance. Milpitas is considering increasing the maximum allowable ADU size to 800 square feet city-wide and potentially expanding the size to up to 1200 square feet in the city’s hillside neighborhoods. During the discussions, City Councilmembers expressed their great interest in incentivizing the production of deed-restricted affordable ADUs.

SV@Home has attended and participated in the two outreach meetings held so far with the goal of helping Milpitas streamline the application process to make it easier for residents to navigate the approval process.  It is anticipated that the draft ordinance will come before the Milpitas Planning Commission in the spring. We will continue to engage with staff and the community as the process moves forward.