Milpitas city hall
June 15, 2018

Milpitas Approves Increased Inclusionary Requirements


On Tuesday June 12th , the Milpitas City Council took action to approve a 15% inclusionary requirement for new rental and for-sale housing, an increase of 10% over current requirements. At the same meeting, the Council deferred action on a new Commercial Linkage Fee (CLF) pending additional outreach to the development community.  Milpitas participated in the Countywide Nexus Study that affirmed the linkage between new residential and non-residential development and the need for affordable housing.

While staff had recommended that the Council adopt an ordinance with a 10% inclusionary requirement, SV@Home successfully argued for the higher 15% requirement, a percentage that mirrors the requirements imposed by other cities in Santa Clara County.  The Council will take final action on the Inclusionary Ordinance on June 19th, and the ordinance will go into effect 30 days later.

SV@Home also advocated for a CLF with a phase in over a three-year period similar to the ordinance adopted by neighboring Fremont.  Following Council direction, city staff will take the month of July to conduct outreach to the development community.  It is anticipated that the Council will revisit the adoption of a CLF ordinance later this summer.

SV@Home will continue to participate in the conversation around linkage fees in Milpitas, and will report back about opportunities to engage and final action.