Terra Bella Vision Plan planning area
August 29, 2018

Mountain View: Residents discuss their Vision for Terra Bella


Sixty Mountain View residents took time out from their weekend last Saturday to hear about the Terra Bella Vision Plan and provide feedback to the City as it works to develop a vision for future development of this 110-acre site, located on the other side of Highway 101 from the North Bayshore Planning Area. Terra Bella is considered to be a ideal location for development due to its access to transportation, proximity to jobs and open space, and its mix of uses, including many small businesses. The City is soliciting input on the community’s vision for future development in the Plan area, including the preferred location and types of new development and desired public improvements.

At the meeting, City staff and its consultant, Eric Yurkovich from Raimi and Associates, presented three different options for conversation.  Option 1 incorporated more housing with higher densities (up to seven stories), along with office uses and retail.  Option 2 included more light industrial uses, and option 3 prioritized office development.  No specific information was provided on the potential number of homes that could be accommodated in any of the three options.

While there were many different voices in the audience, some who supported and some who opposed higher densities, good feedback was received.  Participants shared an interest in seeing more housing near office uses, expressed a desire for lower building heights overall (for both residential. and office), wanted to protect small businesses, and spoke up for safe bikeways.

City staff will present a proposed Vision Plan to the Planning Commission later this fall that incorporates the feedback provided at this session and the prior session . The goal is to have the City Council approve the plan sometime this winter.

SV@Home continues to participate in this process and to advocate for the option that provides the largest number of new homes, a significant number of affordable homes, and opportunities for diverse housing types.  We will keep you informed of the Plan progress, and of any opportunities to speak up for more housing in Mountain View!