June 21, 2017

Welcome to SV@Home’s New Website!


SV@Home is excited to announce the launch of its new website, which provides a wealth of information about current affordable housing policies and issues in Santa Clara County.

Please take a moment to visit the site—www.svathome.org. Check back often—we want the site to be fun and useful to our partners, and we will regularly add content and updates.

In addition to the general information about SV@Home, our staff, our Board, and our members, the website includes information that helps you to Learn—Act—Engage. Here a sneak preview of the type of information you will find:

Resource Hub

Find Information about Policies and Programs at the Resource Hub by clicking on the Resource Hub button at the bottom of the page, you can access information on:

  • housing issues, like jobs-housing balance, the economics of housing, and how to find affordable housing,
  • local jurisdiction profiles, with information on housing, jobs, policies, and programs, and
  • policy issues, like housing impact fees, surplus lands, and Accessory Dwelling Units, with descriptions of each policy issue, SV@Home’s position, latest updates, and links to resources and information.



Check out the latest news about policies and programs in Santa Clara County and beyond. For instance, have you heard about CASA?

Read More…


By clicking the Act button on the right hand side of the site, you can find out what actions you can take to support affordable housing in our community. Mountain View’s North Bayshore is a current campaign.




Attend Meetings and Events– By clicking the Engage button on the right hand side of the site, you can find out about upcoming meetings and events where affordable housing will be discussed. Lots of examples, but here is one –


Upcoming Improvements

The website will continue to evolve over time to include additional information and will be updated regularly with new data and news. There are several areas where we are planning new content, which will be available in the coming months. These include:

  1. Advocacy Tool Kit—a collection of information and materials that can be used in presentations, testimony before elected bodies, or with your friends, family, and community members. Tools will include fact sheets, white papers, Power Point presentations, photos, and statistics.
  2. Video Series—a series of videos that depict the housing crisis from the eyes of different people in the South Bay community.
  3. Quizzes—regular quizzes and questions that provide housing information in a fun and educational way.

As we launch we welcome your comments about site navigation or problems you encounter. Additionally, let us know about any information you would like to see added. Please provide any feedback to info@siliconvalleyathome.org.