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Santa Clara County’s housing crisis developed over many decades, with multiple contributing political, economic, and social factors. Today we face many challenges, including a shortage of available homes, some of the highest housing prices in the nation, and increased homelessness. Families are overcrowding, overpaying, and driving long distances to reach employment. Communities are gentrifying and people are being displaced from the place they call home.

SV@Home works with a broad coalition of strategic partners to address the urgent housing need by boosting production of homes at all income levels, preserving existing affordable homes, and protecting the families in them. Our Policy Roadmap lays out the key issues, priorities, and broad strategies that form a clear and coordinated path forward for the production, protection, and preservation of affordable housing in Santa Clara County. Annual Policy Roadmap Updates share some of the successes of the previous year and solutions moving forward to comprehensively address California’s housing crisis.

Here at the SV@Home Resource Hub, you can learn about these policy solutions we advocate for, sift through the data that underlies our analysis of the housing crisis’s root causes, and learn about our advocacy campaigns in different jurisdictions.

We encourage you to check back regularly to discover new updates, and we hope that you will use this information to Learn, Act, and Engage!

Key External Reports

Reports from respected partners on the need for housing, and the intersections of housing, education, health, transportation, and the environment.

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Housing Topics

General information designed to promote a better understanding of housing-related issues, including homelessness, housing costs, and jobs/housing balance.

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Cities & Public Agencies

Housing-related data, updates on housing policies, and actions taken by Santa Clara County’s 16 jurisdictions and the Santa Clara County Housing Authority in response to the housing crisis.

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Policy Solutions

A collection of strategies, solutions, and policies, along with SV@Home’s recommended actions aimed at alleviating the housing crisis.

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Featured Update:

Since 1969, the State of California has required each local government to plan for its share of the state’s housing needs for people of all income levels. Through the Regional Housing Needs

Allocation (RHNA) process, every local jurisdiction is assigned a number of housing units  representing its share of the state’s housing needs for an eight-year period. State Housing  Element Law requires the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) to develop a methodology for distributing the Bay Area’s portion of the state housing needs to local governments within the nine-county region. The methodology must take into account key statutory factors and meets five key objectives as outlined in Housing Element Law.

Below are the draft RHNA allocations for Santa Clara County, released by ABAG in May 2021. Jurisdictions and HCD have an opportunity to appeal a jurisdiction’s draft RHNA allocation. Any appeals that are upheld could affect the allocations for all jurisdictions; since the region’s numbers will not change, any reduced allocation for one jurisdiction must be reallocated to other jurisdictions. Following the appeals process, ABAG will adopt final RHNA allocations by the end of 2021. Learn more on our RHNA page.

Draft RHNA Allocations for Santa Clara County Jurisdictions as of May, 2021

Source: Draft Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) Plan: San Francisco Bay Area, 2023-2031. Association of Bay Area Governments.

The Chart below shows how the planned growth of Santa Clara County jurisdictions fits into the nine-county Bay Area region.

Source: Draft Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) Plan: San Francisco Bay Area, 2023-2031. Association of Bay Area Governments.