December 6, 2018

North Bayshore: Google Presents Housing-Forward Plan to Public


On November 17th, Google hosted a public presentation of their vision for the redevelopment of a significant portion of North Bayshore in Mountain View. The event, which was well-attended by many members of the Mountain View community, focused on fulfilling the goals of the North Bayshore Precise Plan, which prioritizes the overall creation of 9,850 new homes, of which 20% will be affordable.

While Google is the largest single landowner in the North Bayshore neighborhood, other developers are also in the process of putting forward their own plans for development, plans that also include significant amounts of housing. The most recent project to receive City Council approval was a Sobrato Organization development that includes 635 new homes as well as the dedication of a 1.4 acre lot for the construction of at least 140 affordable homes.

Google’s proposed plan integrates housing, office and commercial space, environmental innovations, new transit improvements, and other community benefits. SV@Home has been happy to provide input and advice on how their plan can maximize the amount of housing and affordable housing in the revitalized neighborhood and meet Mountain View’s housing goals.

Notably, Google’s plans for new housing in North Bayshore include:

  • Building between 6,000 – 6,600 new homes, which will be integrated into mixed use neighborhoods including Shorebird
  • Achieving the Precise Plan’s goal that 20% of these homes be affordable, including through land dedications for 100% affordable developments, which means over 1,200 deed-restricted homes
  • Hitting a target of 4 square feet of new residential development for every one square foot of new office development, contributing to improving Mountain View’s jobs-housing balance

As a proud supporter of the North Bayshore Precise Plan’s ambitious housing goals, SV@Home will continue to champion development plans and proposals that put achieving the housing targets front and center. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with local community partners, the City Council, and landowners (including Google) to make the nearly 10,000 new homes (including nearly 2,000 affordable homes) in North Bayshore a reality.