November 26, 2020

Our Updated Housing Vision for the Diridon Station Area – November 2020


In August 2019, SV@Home unveiled a Housing Vision for the Diridon Station Area, which outlined the opportunity to create a vibrant, active transit hub at Diridon Station that would provide a wide range of housing opportunities to people of all income levels.

Since then, we have continued our engagement through the Station Area Advisory Group, refined our analyses, and met with the whole range of stakeholders, from city staff and company officials to grassroots organizations representing current residents. After months of data-driven analysis, we raised our housing goal for the Area from 10,000 new homes to 15,000 new homes, while still keeping sight of the broader vision that includes accessible open space and tens of thousands of new jobs.

In September, the City released its latest set of analyses on Station Area land use, transportation, and open space. SV@Home is happy to share that our hard work to provide data and recommendations to city staff in collaboration with community partners has paid off. While these new city analyses only represent the start of the next phase of public input and discussions, the vast majority of staff recommendations align with SV@Home’s Housing Vision. We are thankful to city staff for their openness to feedback and are looking forward to further collaboration with the city and local partners to continue shaping a housing-rich, more equitable future for Diridon Station.

Based on the City of San José’s latest analyses and recommendations, we have developed the below chart to show how the City’s actions align with SV@Home’s Housing Vision. Note that several actions have been delayed due to the current health crisis.