February 22, 2018

Public Weighs in on Vallco Special Area Specific Plan



On February 22 the consultant team for the Vallco Special Area Specific Plan hosted an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) scoping meeting, during which members of the public could weigh in on potential development scenarios that should be considered for the Vallco Special Area.

Similar to SV@Home’s recommendations, many participants suggested that the EIR include a project alternative that maximizes the number of housing units as part of the plan for mixed-use development at Vallco.

Others wanted to limit the analysis of housing impacts to the 389 units currently allowed—a scenario that would drastically worsen Cupertino’s jobs-housing imbalance.

The EIR will analyze the impacts that each of the selected scenarios will have on the environment, such as population growth, traffic, and air quality.  The EIR scope is a critical decision point, as the scenarios selected for study in the EIR effectively determine what the final plan can include—including the maximum number of housing units and capacity for office and retail in the area.

It’s not too late to share your input and advocate for more housing at Vallco!

We encourage you to send in your comments to the City as soon as possible.  Comments will be accepted through March 12, 2018.

Email your comments to before the March 12, and cc if you want to share your feedback with SV@Home!

View a recording of the meeting here.