The Bay Area has been confronting a regional homelessness crisis for decades. In 2020, All Home established the Regional Impact Council (RIC), a nine-county effort, convened to devise a unified effort to address homelessness, establish a more prosperous region, and close racial disparities. The need to act is made more pressing by the COVID-19 pandemic. It devastated the job market and added to the population of 35,000 Bay Area residents who were already unhoused. In addition, fifty percent of extremely low income (ELI) renters do not receive housing subsidies or rent protections, and 34% have controlled rents that are still unaffordable without assistance. The RIC worked to develop immediate solutions that lead with racial equity. The RIC also built solutions holding ourselves and our peers to housing standards, increasing accountability for outcomes, and targeting funding and interventions towards the most vulnerable communities.

The RIC is putting forth this ambitious Regional Action Plan (RAP) to reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness by 75% in three years. In order to house and stabilize our unhoused neighbors while also initiating preventative measures, the RAP defines eight strategic priorities, some of which are already underway.

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