May 10, 2017

San Jose City Council Approves Just Cause Ordinance, Effective Immediately


On May 9th, the San Jose City Council voted 9-2 to approve a Just Cause ordinance on an urgency basis after concerns were raised that evictions were accelerating after the Council’s April vote directing staff to prepare an ordinance.  The protections went into effect immediately, and will impact an estimated 450,000 San Jose tenants.

Among other provisions, the Just Cause Ordinance:

  • Prohibits no-cause evictions, spelling out twelve specific situations for termination of tenancy
  • Provides for relocation assistance when tenants are displaced due to substantial rehabilitation or owner move in

The Council asked the staff to return in a year with a status report, and to come back to the Council at an upcoming meeting to consider potential amendments that would allow landlords to evict tenants accused of criminal conduct without having to provide proof that the activity was a nuisance.

Read the staff report and ordinance here: Staff Report, Supplemental Staff Report, Ordinance Part A, Ordinance Part B.

Photo: Michael Patrick via Flickr