February 28, 2019

San Jose: Council approves safe parking for homeless


On Tuesday, the City Council approved a measure to legalize and regulate “safe parking” programs, which are currently operating throughout the city and allow people without homes to park overnight at certain churches, community centers, and schools.  The overnight parking sites are intended to provide harassment free areas with restroom facilities and trash collection for people living in their cars.

Last year the San Jose launched a pilot program on city land, which included a full range of city funded services.  The plan approved by council did not include these additional services, but provides a legal framework for the expansion of safe parking opportunities that are set up and managed by community and religious organizations.

In response to concerns raised by operators of current safe housing sites that the new rules would limit where these programs could operate legally, council requested that Housing and Planning Department staff return at a later date with an update that considers potential changes to restrictions on setbacks.

Tuesday was a very busy day for housing in San Jose – with the afternoon meeting blending into the evening meeting, which lasted until just before midnight. See our posts on Co-Living, the Kelsey, and Stevens Creek Promenade for more information.