July 24, 2019

San Jose: Join Us August 13th to End Source of Income Discrimination, and Upcoming Ways to Stand Up for Affordable Housing


This Fall, the San Jose City Council will be considering a number of important housing policy issues that impact the production of new affordable housing, the preservation of existing affordable housing, and the protection of our most vulnerable community members. These issues range from ending discrimination against low-income renters to raising money to finance affordable housing developments to reducing barriers to the construction of new affordable homes. SV@Home is leading the way in assembling coalitions of like-minded community members who support our holistic approach to passing these critical housing solutions!

The first important item is coming up on August 13th, when the City Council will discuss prohibiting discrimination against households with rental assistance vouchers, which will remove barriers faced by lower-income households with housing vouchers struggling to find available housing. SV@Home strongly supports San Jose passing a policy that prohibits discrimination against voucher holders based on Source of Income, requiring that all persons with the ability to pay for housing should be treated equally when applying to rent an apartment or home, regardless of whether they receive a housing subsidy or housing assistance of any kind.

Do you want to get involved in supporting this initiative and other important upcoming housing policy issues in San Jose? Here’s what you can do today:

  • Make sure you, your family, and your friends are signed up for SV@Home’s email list, which means you’ll receive our bi-weekly newsletter and regular Action Alerts.
  • Stay tuned for updates and actions that you can take on San Jose policy issues, including opportunities to sign petitions, send letters to the City Council, and speak out at critical Council meetings.
  • If you represent an organization that is interested in joining our coalition and participating in future joint coalition letters and advocacy, please reach out to Huascar Castro at Huascar@siliconvalleyathome.org for more details.