February 15, 2024

San Jose Tenant Preference Policy


On Monday, February 26, the Community and Economic Development Committee (CED) will review the tenant preference policy in the City of San Jose. Should the committee move the policy forward, the city council will take it up in March. When the city adopted an anti-displacement strategy in 2020, one of the recommendations was to Establish a Neighborhood Tenant Preference and Anti-Displacement Preference for affordable housing. This policy would set aside a proportion of units in City-funded affordable developments to be reserved for income-qualifying applicants from specific neighborhoods where the risk of displacement is the greatest and/or applicants from the neighborhood where the affordable housing development is located.

You can learn more about the policy through our September PIA. In anticipation of the CED meeting, you can submit a letter to the council in support of the policy here. Please also sign up for more opportunities to support the policy here.