March 29, 2019

Santa Clara County 2017 RHNA Progress: Generations Behind Schedule


A new study, entitled Missing the Mark: Examining the Shortcomings of California’s Housing Goals, examines California cities and how far behind they are towards meeting their Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) obligations for the 2014-2022 period.  The results for Santa Clara County show that most jurisdictions have already met, or will soon meet, their goals for Above Moderate Income housing.  However, at the Very Low- through Moderate-Income levels few jurisdictions have met or on track to meet their targets in specific income categories. Most are on pace to achieve their targets only by mid-century or even after the year 3000. Next 10 and Beacon Economics, who produced this study, have also assigned grades for each jurisdiction’s performance to date, ranging from a high of A- to a low of C-; the score for the County as a whole is a C+