June 1, 2017

Santa Clara Working Group Finalizes Impact Fee Recommendations


On Wednesday, May 31st, Santa Clara’s Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Working Group finalized recommendations on staff’s proposed rental impact and commercial linkage fee, proposing the adoption of a $20 per square foot residential rental impact fee, a range of $20 to $30 per square foot for residential for-sale, and a range of $5 to $20 per square foot commercial impact fee. The final set of recommendations reflected many of that were supported by a coalition of housers – SV@Home, Abode Services, Habitat for Humanity East Bay, MidPen Housing Corporation, Housing Trust Silicon Valley, and Greenbelt Alliance.

We thank the Working Group chair, Vice-Mayor Dominic Caserta, City staff led by Andrew Crabtree, and all the working group members for their work. SV@Home was pleased to be part of a process that thoughtfully considered differing perspectives and worked to find common ground. The City Council will deliberate on impact fees in July.

Stay tuned for opportunities to join advocacy efforts in Santa Clara.