Affordable Housing Now
July 5, 2018

Say YES to the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act of 2018


A safe, stable, affordable home is the foundation for economic prosperity, academic success, a vibrant democracy, and healthy, sustainable communities.

That’s why a broad coalition of groups and individuals has come together to help pass two housing measures on the November ballot, which would collectively provide $6 billion in one-time funding for affordable housing throughout the State.

You can help.

  • Proposition 1 — the Veterans & Affordable Housing Act of 2018  (also known as Senate Bill 3) will provide funding to build safe, stable homes for veterans, people with disabilities, homeless individuals, and working families.
  • Proposition 2 — the No Place Like Home Act of 2018, which will enable the use of $2 billion in mental health funding to build new homes for those with mental illness, including the chronically homeless.

To join the YES on Propositions 1 and 2 campaign and help groups like Housing California, California Housing Consortium, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California secure passage of these critically important measures in November you can:

  • ENDORSE the propositions as an individual and get your organization on board.
  • STAY INFORMED by signing up for updates and receiving the latest news on the campaign.
  • Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

There are plenty of reasons to say YES to the Veterans & Affordable Housing Act of 2018 and the No Place Like Home Act of 2018:

  • These measures will create tens of thousands of new jobs and pump billions into California’s economy.
  • We know 1 in 3 Californians can’t afford their rent and need the affordable housing these measures can provide.
  • Many people are spending more than 30% of their incomes and some as much as 50% of their incomes on housing.