SVPI press conference
March 24, 2023

Silicon Valley Pain Index Released


The 2022 Silicon Valley Pain Index, published by the SJSU Human Rights Institute, analyzes racial discrimination and income inequality in the region. The Index’s inception came as a result of George Floyd’s murder in 2020 and the need to understand the persistent socio-economic disparities afflicting Silicon Valley. The findings demonstrated extreme racial inequalities in the region, declining incomes for African American and Latinx households, and a worsening housing affordability crisis forcibly displacing working and middle-class families. 

In addition to the annual report, a new documentary titled Silicon Valley Pain Index, featuring interviews with Silicon Valley community leaders and neighbors will be released this month. SV@Home’s Executive Director, as well as many of our partners, will be featured in the film. 
“Silicon Valley Pain Index-–produced by award-winning filmmaker and former SJSU Sociology Professor Bob Gliner and funded by Silicon Valley Community Foundation–tells the story of the challenges these workers face as seen through their efforts to find affordable housing, put food on their tables, and secure a living wage.“

Did you know?

1.4 percent of the wealth owned by the bottom 50% of Silicon Valley households (467,187) compared to 25% owned by 0.7% of households (6,913).

10 percent of the households ($500,000 and above in investable assets) that control 75% of the collective regional wealth.

244,000 children in Silicon Valley (46%) who live in families that don’t earn enough to provide the basics of food, shelter, and clothing (51% of these are Latinx).

204 Number of affordable housing units completed between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, down from 417 the previous year; in 2018, the mayor and City Council established the goal of building 10,000 new affordable units by 2022; 8,372 affordable housing units are needed to reach this goal.

31,000 Average annual income in dollars of service workers in Silicon Valley.

As part of broadcasts on PBS stations around the country, the one-hour Silicon Valley Pain Index documentary will air throughout the San Francisco Bay Area on the following stations and dates:

  • Sunday, March 26 @ 7 PM on KPJK (Comcast 717, AT&T 43, Direct TV 43);
  • Tuesday, April 4 @ 11 PM on KQED+ (Comcast 710);
  • Tuesday, April 18 at 9 PM on KRCB (Comcast 200, AT&T 22, Direct TV 22), repeats on April 19 at 2 AM and 2 PM.