November 15, 2018

Sunnyvale Approves 90 New Homes, Including 23 for Adults with Developmental Disabilities


On Tuesday November 13th, the Sunnyvale City Council unanimously approved a Disposition and Development Agreement for the 90-unit 100% affordable “Block 15” development, which includes 23 units for low-income developmentally disabled adults. This 1.44 acre site is located within the City’s Downtown Specific Plan, and is made up of six City-owned parcels. Related California will develop the project, with Housing Choices coordinating services for the future developmentally disabled residents.

The public testimony at the meeting was overwhelmingly positive, with over 20 speakers giving testimony in support of the project, and none in opposition. SV@Home sent a letter of support and testified for the project, which we believe represents a good model for housing inclusive of people with disabilities. Many parents of children with disabilities testified, as did members of Livable Sunnyvale, which voted to endorse the project as a group.

The only regret expressed in public comment and by councilmembers was that the number of units was small compared to the scale of the need for housing for people with developmental disabilities. Nonetheless, Block 15 represents an important step towards meeting that need.

We commend the City of Sunnyvale for making this surplus publicly-owned site available for affordable housing. Surplus and underutilized land is a key tool in a local government’s toolbox to meet its affordable housing goals.

For the minute by minute coverage of the Block 15 item at Sunnyvale City Council, see our staff’s livetweet thread here. Our letter of support can be found on our website. The Development and Disposition Agreement between Related CA and the City of Sunnyvale, as well as  the staff presentation to council, are on the City of Sunnyvale website.