March 28, 2024

SV@Home Attends Grand Opening of Blossom Valley Senior Apartments


On March 21st, SV@Home had the honor of participating in the Grand Opening of Blossom Valley Senior Apartments, hosted by Charities Housing in San Jose. Blossom Valley Senior Apartments is a 147-unit development that offers a mix of studio and one-bedroom apartments, catering to community members at various income levels. With rents starting at $1197 for studios and $1279 for one-bedroom units, the project is bringing critical housing to southwest San Jose. The development allocates 49 units at each income level of 30%, 40%, and 50% Area Median Income (AMI), ensuring seniors from diverse economic backgrounds can access safe and secure housing. Of the total 147 units, 49 were directly funded through the $950 million regional affordable housing bond also known as Measure A.

Beyond providing a place to call home, Blossom Valley Senior Apartments offers an array of amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. From community rooms to outdoor spaces, fitness facilities, and onsite laundry services, the development prioritizes comfort, convenience, and community engagement. Moreover, by exceeding state-wide energy efficiency requirements, the project demonstrates a commitment to sustainability.

The impact of Blossom Valley Senior Apartments extends beyond its physical infrastructure, promoting well-being and strengthening the fabric of the community. By providing affordable housing options for seniors, the development looks forward.  By 2030 older adults will make up nearly a third of the population of Santa Clara County, and as a group, they are more likely to be severely rent-burdened in the private market.  

As we celebrate this milestone, it is crucial to emphasize the significance of maintaining local regional funding sources.  County Measure A funds are essentially spent down, after an efficient run following voter approval in 2016.  San Jose’s Measure E – which is currently under threat of having its funds re-allocated towards interim shelter – plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our most vulnerable community members have access to stable, long-term housing solutions. We must follow through on our commitments and safeguard the resources we have while committing to expanding the pool. SV@Home was proud to have been part of the Blossom Valley celebration, and we call on the community of housers to support the regional BAHFA bond expected for the November 2024 ballot.