June 15, 2022

SV@Home Celebrates Juneteenth!


At SV@Home, we celebrate Juneteenth, remembering the enslavement of people of African descent in the United States and commemorating their emancipation.  And, we celebrate the strength, resilience, perseverance, and resolve of the African Ancestry community throughout history and today. 


While the official end of slavery in the United States was enacted over 150 years ago, SV@Home, as an affordable housing policy and advocacy organization still sees the need to work towards liberation in partnership with other community-serving and community-led organizations. We know the systems we work to demolish and reform are oppressive to Black, Indigenous and People of Color, and most harmful to people of African ancestry, which is the legacy of slavery and colonization.


So we encourage you to educate yourself on the history of slavery and the importance of Juneteenth to the African ancestry community, and we invite you to celebrate with us in Silicon Valley. Please check out this calendar of events.


In Solidarity,

Regina Celestin Williams


350 W. Julian St #5 • San José, CA 95110 • 408.780.8411