September 19, 2021

SV@Home Team Highlights! The People Behind the Advocacy: Alison Cingolani


While there are some big changes happening at SV@Home, one thing that isn’t changing is our incredible team’s commitment to housing policy advocacy and work! That’s why we’re excited to highlight our talented and committed policy team staff so you can learn more about the people behind the advocacy. So join us in meeting the team and learning more about why their work is importantwhat housing policy issues they’re most excited about in the coming months, and how your membership directly supports the work.

What you work on at SV@Home: 

Hi, I’m Alison Cingolani, Policy & Research Associate at SV@Home. I use research and analysis on a wide variety of housing issues to help our team develop effective strategies and approaches to housing policy solutions. I also manage SV@Home’s website: keeping the Resource Hub, advocacy tools and campaigns, and much more fresh and up to date with new research and content. It’s a great resource for the whole Houser community!

Why is this work central to SV@Home’s overall vision of a Silicon Valley where all people have access to a safe, stable, and affordable home?

In order to create a better, more equitable Silicon Valley, we need to understand how our past and current policies have had disparate impacts on our population, and how to correct these through new policies going forward. Together, we can impact our collective future by advocating for policies that will increase equitable access to homes, prevent displacement, overcome existing patterns of segregation, and foster inclusive communities free from barriers that restrict access to opportunity. My work is focused on empowering Housers with the knowledge and tools they need to promote greater housing opportunities and advance priorities such as economic mobility, public health, and improved educational outcomes.

What is one policy issue you are working on right now that you’re most excited about and why?

Right now, every local jurisdiction in the Bay Area is creating a policy roadmap to provide housing for current and future residents of all backgrounds and income levels. Engaging in the process to create this Housing Element gives advocates a unique opportunity to make sure their city is ready to build much-needed new homes, while protecting existing residents from displacement and preserving existing affordable homes. Working together with our local and regional partners, I’m excited to empower housing advocates with the knowledge and tools they need to engage effectively in creating a better future for all our residents!

What’s an example of a housing topic or issue someone should reach out to you about to get more engaged?

Triplex- a home for three families

Lack of housing affordable to middle-income workers pushes people to leave our cities, forcing them to live far away from their jobs. This leads to environmentally damaging supercommutes, overcrowded homes in less wealthy communities, and an increase in segregation over time. Allowing.plex homes (duplex, triplex, fourplex, etc.) in our neighborhoods previously restricted exclusively to single-family houses is a great first step to overcoming existing patterns of segregation and creating more homes that are more affordable by design. Want to help your city make this important update to their land use policies? Drop me a line!

You can reach Alison at

#MembershipMatters As a member of SV@Home you have a multitude of ways and many opportunities to join alongside our 200+ organizations and community members who are concerned about housing stability during these unprecedented times. Your membership directly supports Alison’s work on the Housing Element process and Plex Zoning as well as all of the other critical policy and research work.

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