Tenants rally
June 6, 2024

Tenant Protections for Santa Clara County


Santa Clara County is considering a tenant protection ordinance for renters living in unincorporated areas. The ordinance would cover a number of policies, including local eviction protection, tenant relocation assistance, and expanding coverage of those and existing policies.

On Thursday, May 16, the County of Santa Clara Housing, Land Use, Environment, and Transportation (HLUET) Committee received a report from the Office of the County Counsel with a recommendation to update and expand the county’s tenant protection ordinance for those living in the unincorporated county area. Nearly 9,000 rental units dispersed throughout the county would be covered, with the Burbank, Alum Rock, Stanford, and rural areas having the most of these units. 

The proposed ordinance will create a local just cause for eviction protection similar to the state law (AB 1482: The Tenant Protection Act of 2019) and some local jurisdictions with local eviction protection laws, like Mountain View and San Jose. It also clarifies what qualifies for an “Owner Move-in” eviction. It does not have a carve-out for newer units or single-family homes, townhomes, or condos. It would also give renters this protection at the onset of their tenancy and would include protections for family members and subleasing. The relocation assistance will be equivalent to 3 months of full market rent and will vary based on the number of bedrooms in the unit. 

These proposed tenant protections are important tools for creating a Santa Clara County where everyone can live and thrive, with the goal of limiting displacement. Please watch this space for opportunities to support the adoption of these policies. The HLUET committee reviewed the proposed ordinance and requested staff do more stakeholder outreach. The item will return to the committee in September. View the report here