Housing for all
August 15, 2018

Upcoming Ballot Measures for November 2018 Election


The November ballot will be filled with housing related measures at both the State and local levels. SV@Home has compiled the following list to summarize these key measures and propositions:

1. Proposition 1 (Veterans and Affordable Housing Act)

Proposition 1 would provide $4 billion in one-time funding for existing affordable housing loan and grant programs administered by the State Department of Housing and Community Development.  Programs funded will support military veterans, families with children, and the homeless, among other groups. Should the bill pass, Santa Clara County developers and others would need to compete with the remainder of the State for these competitive funds.

2. Proposition 2 (Homeless Prevention Housing Bonds Measure)

In 2016, the State Legislature voted to create the No Place Like Home Act, which allocated $2 billion annually from Proposition 63 (2004)—a 1 percent tax on income above $1 million for mental health services— to finance the acquisition, design, construction, rehabilitation, or preservation of permanent supportive housing for individuals living with a severe mental illness who are homeless or at risk of chronic homelessness.  This Act has been held up in litigation, so the Legislature placed Proposition 2 on the ballot to get voter support to implement.  Should the measure pass, it is estimated that Santa Clara County will receive an estimated $10 million annually for homeless programs.

3. Proposition 6 (Gas Tax Repeal)

Proposition 6 would repeal 2017 increases to the State gas tax and motor vehicle fees that were previously approved by the Legislature through Senate Bill 1. Proposition 6 would also require that any future attempt to increase or extend any fuel taxes or vehicle fees be approved by a vote of the people.  Should the measure pass, it will impact nearly $900 million in transportation projects in Santa Clara County, including BART to Downtown San Jose and the East San Jose Light Rail Extension.

4. Proposition 10 (Costa Hawkins Repeal)

Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa Hawkins Act, enabling local governments to craft rent control ordinances without current restrictions that limit the number of units subject to rent control and the requirement for vacancy decontrol.  This measure does not mandate rent control, but would enable Santa Clara County entities to amend or establish new ordinances.

5. Mountain View Per-Employee Business Tax

This proposed tax would charge companies an annual rate for each employee to fund a suite of transportation related projects (up to 10% of the funds could be used for housing-related costs).  The expected revenue from this tax is estimated at $6.1 million dollars per year.

6. San Jose Housing Bond

San Jose voters will have the opportunity to vote to approve a $450 million affordable housing bond, which will provide funding for housing affordable to working families, veterans, seniors, homeless families and individuals, teachers, nurses, and paramedics.  This measure requires a 2/3 majority to pass.

7. Santa Clara County Sales Tax

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors added a measure to the November ballot to extend the current 1/8 of one cent sales tax, originally approved in 2013, for local priorities such as public safety, educational services, and job creation. The revenues from the existing sales tax have been used to provide supportive services to the homeless. Since this is not a special tax, this measure will require a 50% majority vote to pass.

8. Los Altos General Plan Amendment

If approved, this amendment would require voter approval of the sale, lease, or certain changes in use of certain land designated as “Parks”, “Other Open Space,” or “Public and Institutional” in the City’s General Plan.  This change may make it more difficult for the City to identify surplus public property for affordable housing.