Crestview and Bella Vista Homekey sites
November 2, 2021

Victory! SCC Board of Supervisors Unanimously Advances Homekey Proposals + Next Steps You Can Take!


Thank you, Housers, for your strong support today at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meeting! We are thrilled to report that the Board unanimously approved the acquisition of two Project Homekey sites to pave a path for the creation of 187 permanent supportive and affordable homes in Mountain View and Santa Clara.

SV@Home was proud to stand with Destination:Home, Mountain View YIMBY, Silicon Valley DSA, Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning, Livable Sunnyvale, Housing Action Coalition, Mountain View Housing Justice, Mountain View Coalition for Police Reform and Accountability, Peninsula for Everyone, YIMBY Action, CatalyzeSV, and Working Partnerships USA along with many resident advocates from Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and beyond to make the argument that these proposals are critical opportunities to provide homes to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Regarding the projects themselves:

The Bella Vista Inn is located at 3550 El Camino Real in Santa Clara. Resources for Community Development (RCD) is working with the County to acquire and renovate the 77-room hotel. Phase I would enable interim and permanent housing. Phase II, if approved, would develop an additional 50 affordable homes to serve community members in need of permanent and supportive housing solutions.

The Crestview Hotel is located at 901 and 903 El Camino Real in Mountain View. In January, the City Council unanimously supported partnering with the County to explore converting the 67-room hotel into permanent and supportive affordable housing.

Thank you to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors for your unanimous support for these proposals. SV@Home applauds the County Board of Supervisor’s leadership to prioritize housing the unhoused, our most vulnerable community members, in an inclusive and equitable manner.

This is only one step of more to come in ensuring these proposals actually get built. Stay tuned to SV@Home and Destination:Home for future opportunities to continue to support these proposals moving forward.

Check out Destination: Home’s list of Next Steps you can take to continue to support Project Homekey:

STEP 1: Please update your subscription to Destination: Home’s mailing list so that they have your correct contact information and ZIP Code so they know which neighborhoods to contact you about:

STEP 2: While we wait for formal State Homekey proposals to be submitted and hopefully funded, we need to shift our focus to ensure that the City of Santa Clara remains supportive of both the Bella Vista interim-to-permanent proposal, as well as another interim housing Homekey proposal on White Oak Lane. To do this, please join us to express your support at 6pm on Tuesday, November 9 at the City of Santa Clara study session to discuss both State Homekey housing sites, and the city’s broader approach to addressing homelessness.

STEP 3: Consider getting involved in supporting the other Homekey sites in the county. There are upcoming community meetings where opposition is certain to be present, and supportive voices will be needed to make sure none of the proposals are derailed.

Wednesday, November 3, 6:30pm

Interim housing site at Branham and Monterey

San Jose Council District 10

Monday, November 8, 6pm

Permanent affordable housing for families

Residence Inn at 611 San Ignacio Avenue

San Jose Council District 2

Tuesday, November 9, 6pm

Two City of Santa Clara Homekey Sites

Wednesday, November 10, 6pm

Two community meetings for new affordable housing

Santa Clara and also San Jose Council District 6

Save the date: Registration details TBD

Monday, November 15, 6-7pm

#HousingReady Action Meeting

Learn and share organizing successes and upcoming action opportunities