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Measure A Housing Bond Implementation


Measure A Housing Bond funding approvals are on track, with nearly half of the 4,800 unit goal approved after only 4 years of the 10-year timeline, including 1,503 new homes with supportive services. Some Measure A-funded projects have experienced delays in receiving land use approvals from cities, and some have experienced delays in securing all financing, which has delayed the completion of some units. However, the County does not anticipate that delays will affect the Program’s ability to meet its goals by the end of 2026. Significantly, proposed developments also will help our community prevent homelessness by providing 1,160 homes affordable for working families with very low (VLI) and extremely low incomes (ELI). SV@Home is thankful for the ongoing commitment of the Board of Supervisors, County staff, and the voters of Santa Clara County to leverage Housing Bond funds to end homelessness and address our affordable housing crisis. 

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