Leslye Corsiglia, Executive Director

Leslye began her professional career at the State Department of Housing and Community Development, where she held several positions before taking on the challenge of overseeing the day-to-day activities of the State’s housing loan and grant programs.  In that capacity, she worked to pass and then implement the first affordable housing bond initiatives, which made $550 million available for the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing throughout the State.

Leslye joined the City of San Jose as the Department of Housing’s first Assistant Director in 1991, and then served for 14 years as the Director.  While with the City, she oversaw a program that developed and improved 21,000 affordable housing units, leveraging the City’s funds with more than $2.7 billion from public and private sources.

Leslye has served on a number of federal, State, and regional boards and currently serves on the Board of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California.  She is a dedicated housing wonk, loves policy and research, and is excited to take on the challenge of leading the new start up venture known as SV@Home.

Leslye can be reached via phone at 408.780-1352.

Pilar Lorenzana, Deputy Director

Pilar has a track record for working on practical and feasible policy solutions with partners from multiple sectors. In addition to her work on affordable housing policy in the Bay Area, Pilar’s background also includes crafting public policy to improve health outcomes throughout the Country.

Pilar leads and participates regional conversations around equity through projects such as the Regional Prosperity Plan and Plan Bay Area. At the local level, she has successfully advocated for equitable housing elements, housing impact and commercial linkage fees, and boomerang fees in Silicon Valley communities. Pilar is a true collaborator, working closely with non-profit developers, public agency staff, private industry, as well as affordable housing, transit, and equity advocates on collaborative efforts to improve access and equity in the region.

Pilar has extensive experience as a national trainer and technical assistance provider on creating healthy and sustainable communities. Pilar has a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning from Arizona State University and a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Santa Tomas, Manila, Philippines.

Pilar can be reached via phone at 510.255.1253.

 Nicole Montojo Headshot

Nicole Montojo, Policy Associate

Nicole is a native of Southern California and brings several years of experience in policy research, grassroots advocacy, and nonprofit capacity building to her new role as Policy Associate at SV@Home.

Prior to joining SV@Home, Nicole worked on affordable housing policy in the Bay Area as a researcher for the Great Communities Collaborative and the Urban Displacement Project at UC Berkeley. Her work is guided by a commitment to racial and economic justice, collaborative governance, and community building. She recently earned a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley and holds a BA in Sociology and Urban Studies from Scripps College.

As Policy Associate, Nicole supports SV@Home’s policy, advocacy, and education work to strengthen our strategies and approaches to current affordable housing issues and deepen our impact throughout Santa Clara County.

Nicole can be reached via phone at 408.780.4758.


Gina Lee, Program Manager

Gina comes to SV@Home with experience in affordable housing and grant writing. As SV@Home’s Program Manager, she works on implementing the organization’s membership program, events, fundraising efforts, and communications. Prior to joining SV@Home, she worked for the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern CA (NPH) in San Francisco.

Gina currently serves on the steering committee and is an active member of the Emerging Leaders Peer Network, a cohort of young professionals dedicated to strengthening the affordable housing field by providing trainings to young leaders and opportunities for engagement to the surrounding community.

Gina is a native of Santa Clara County and is passionate about social justice and equity in her community. She looks forward to working towards housing solutions that allow people of all income levels in the Silicon Valley to have a place to call home. She received her B.A. from UC Santa Cruz, where she majored in Intensive Psychology.

Gina can be reached via phone at 408.780-2261.

Mitch Mankin

Mitch Mankin, Program Coordinator

Mitch is a native of San Francisco, and is passionate about combating inequality in the Bay Area and insuring access to high quality affordable housing for all.

Prior to joining SV@Home, Mitch worked at a variety of Bay Area nonprofits, including Benetech, Global Citizen Year, and Clinic by the Bay, as well as working as an organizer on ballot proposition campaigns in San Francisco. He holds a BA in Economics and International and Global Studies from Brandeis University, with a minor in Social Justice and Social Policy.

Mitch can be reached via phone at 408.780.8411.