Every election, Silicon Valley at Home asks candidates running for local office whether or not they would support policies designed to increase the supply of housing and affordable housing in order to create a more vibrant and equitable Silicon Valley, where all people have access to a safe, stable and affordable home.

Check out what the candidates had to say:


Andy Huang

3 Seats Open

       Liang Chao      

Orrin Mahoney

         Darcy Paul          

   Tara Sreekrishnan   

Savita Vaidhyanathan

          Hung Wei           Jon Robert Willey



     Timothy Alcorn     

2 Seats Open

Gary Barbadillo

Karina Dominguez

Marsha Grilli

       Robert Marini       

Carmen Montano

Van Lan Truong

   Suraj Viswanathan  

Jose Estevez


         Yoon Il Lee         

  Voltaire Montemayor

Bob Nuñez
           Rich Tran          

Mountain View

Alison Hicks

3 Seats Open

          John Inks          

         Ellen Kamei        

       Lucas Ramirez     

        Pat Showalter      

        Lenny Siegel        

Palo Alto

           Pat Boone         

3 Seats Open

Alison Cormack

Thomas Dubois

Eric Filseth

         Cory Wolbach        

San Jose

Maya Esparza

District 7

Tam Nguyen

           Pam Foley          

District 9

       Kalen Gallagher     

Santa Clara

        Nancy Biagini        

District 2

Mario Bouza

Raj Chahal

Karen Hardy

District 3

Srinivasan Sambathkumaren

Anthony Becker


           Lisa Gillmor         

Santa Clara County

      Susan Ellenberg     

District 4

           Don Rocha         


Henry Alexander III

Seat 1

        Gustav Larson        

      Joshua Grossman    

Seat 2

       Glenn Hendricks      

John Cordes

Seat 3

          Mason Fong