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Coalition of Housers (CoHo)

Welcome to Coalition of Housers—“CoHo”—a network of young professionals and emerging leaders working in and advocating for affordable housing in the South Bay!

CoHo is a new initiative to cultivate future leaders who are influencing the meaning of “home” in San Jose and Silicon Valley. As the need for affordable housing grows, so does the need for supporting the recruitment, personal and professional development, and advocacy of a diverse community of housers.

CoHo members will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect and collaborate with peers across all sectors of the industry
  • Receive CoHo newsletters with upcoming events, news, and job listings
  • Build skills and knowledge through workshops and trainings
  • Deepen civic engagement and public dialogue
  • Co-create CoHo programming and collectively drive efforts to support future leaders

We welcome questions, comments, and ideas as we start to build CoHo. Please email Kriti Garg at to get connected, get involved, and sign up to receive CoHo updates.

This program is possible with generous support from Bank of America.

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