New jobs create demand for new homes. Lend your voice in support of new commercial linkage fees to address the demand for affordable housing in San Jose.

The long awaited Commercial Linkage Fee Feasibility study for San Jose was released on July 31, and not surprisingly the study shows that most commercial development in San Jose can pay robust fees to offset the impact newly created jobs will have on the demand for new affordable homes. San Jose is the only major city in the county without a fee, and has fallen behind in its efforts to respond to the increased affordable housing demand created by the City’s recent development and jobs growth.

As City Staff prepares its final recommendations to the City Council for consideration on August 25th, they need to hear from supporters of affordable housing that the need is real, and the City has a responsibility to collect the highest fees that are feasible.

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Learn about Commercial Linkage Fees and much more at SV@Home’s Resource Hub.

Support affordable housing by urging San Jose to pass the highest feasible commercial linkage fee! Use SV@Home’s Action Tool to send a letter to City staff.[spacer height=”20px”]

Join us!

Plan to testify at the City Council Meeting on August 25th. See suggested talking points here. We don’t have the meeting details yet, but will keep you informed of this and other opportunities to be part of this campaign as the final vote draws near.

September 1st
1:30PM - 5:00PM
Online Meeting